White Queen and the Black Knight

We recently ordered in about thirty carpet samples from our supplier. While I was away at meetings, my VP took six of them and lined them up in front of her office door.

When I came back, I thought the squares looked chess boardy laying there on the floor. While she was gone, I added and White Queen and the Black Knight to the board.

I arranged the queen at her office door to represent her and the black knight to represent me. I wanted to give her a sense of dread and looming certainty that I would soon be taking over her spot and knocking her out of the game!

When I came back later, she had made a move! (I wasn't expecting that. I had taped the pieces to the board. There was only supposed to be looming certainty...)

I made a futile move.

And then she crushed me all while landing right back in her original office space.

I should know better.

(Nice shoes! The queen knows her shoes!)


Unknown said...

i have no idea where you work, but i wish i worked there, too. :D

Anonymous said...

Pwned in two moves.

I work at Microsoft and there is a center area where people bring in little action figures and there is a war every week.
The coolest part is, nobody has ever been seen!!