The Hot Damn - CD release

I'm no critic, though I can tell you more things I hate more than the things I like.

For example:
I hate most people.
I hate people who don't know how to check out at the grocery store self-checkout
I hate Highlander 2.
I hate that they are going to re-make the original Highlander.

I like the band The Hot Damn

The Hot Damn are having a CD release party, Friday May 30th, at The House of Crave with a couple other bands. It's $5 to get in.

What I would like you to think of this as is a Meet HolyJuan event with music by The Hot Damn. I will be giving out personalized business cards with specks of free DNA. Cute girls can request additional DNA.

I'll be wearing a Homestar Runner t-shirt. See you there.

The Line-up:
Exceptional Edward
This is my Suitcase
The Hot Damn
Yummy Fight

Release on Merit Badge Records


Anonymous said...

WOW... and to think, I thought I was the only one to hate most people. Glad to know there is someone else out there!

As for your second 'hate' wouldn't that pretty much fall under the first 'hate'?

Angel Surdin said...

This sounds awesome. Unfortunately I have a department thing I'm OBLIGATED to attend. *roll eyes*

So yeah, sorry I'm going to miss out on all the DNA.

As for hating most people? I'm on board with that. Some days I even nix the "most" part.