2007 Honda Accord strange electrical issue with solution

 What has become of HolyJuan.com when I am posting automotive repair?

We have a 2007 Honda Accord. One day it had the following issues:

headlights not working

blinkers not working

rear passenger side window not working

remote entry not working

Intermittent windshield

(could have been more issue but this was the lot of them)

The engine still started, the hazard lights worked, and the regular windshield wipers worked.

In questioning my son, he said he had left the driver's window open when it rained and the issues started the next day.

In researching on the internet, it seemed there were several people that had slightly similar issues with various Honda make and models. Dissimilar electrical systems all having issues. Solutions given were to check fuses, replacing bulbs, and even to replace the whole fuse units under the hood and at the driver's side dash underside (yikes!) 

My solution was to pop out the power window controller and unplug both sets of wires. With the wires disconnected, everything not associated with that control panel worked again. I plugged the wires back in and everything worked again. Thinking I randomly fixed the issue with a loose wire, I popped the power window controller back in and everything stopped working. I removed it again. Removed the wires. Most everything worked. This time I left the turn signal, plugged in both sets of wires, and popped it back in. This time, the blinker stayed on and everything worked.

I assume that I knocked the water out or rubbed the corrosion off or something in my plugging and unplugging. I left a tool in the glove compartment so that if it happens again, my son can temporarily fix it. If you remove the wires from the power window controller, the windows won't work, but he can get home with headlights and blinkers.

I will continue to monitor this and update if needed.

I hope this helps you!