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No more Scammer pride

I remember the good old days when a Nigerian Scammer would try to tug at your heartstrings or set up an elaborate story about government coups and international intrigue. There would be codes and Lottery Number results with lawyers to contact and Justices of Ministry stamps of approval.

Then I got this e-mail:

They're just not trying anymore.

HolyJuan at

I know that 50% of my fans (one of you) have been asking me about HolyJuan apparel. Until recently, the only clothing you could buy was a pair of boxers with the stain that roughly looked like toast.

Now, BEHOLD! You can find HolyJuan t-shirts at They are a Columbus t-shirt company and I hope to sell one shirt in the next six months.

So far I only have one design.

Let me know if you want something personalized. Jesus cartoon shirts are sure to be next.

Buy me.