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Money Bag

I have a sum of money in this bag. First one to guess how much is in the bag gets the money.

To answer, you need to leave a comment with the guess and an e-mail address/twitter. You can also comment with a username if it is associated with an e-mail address. Any guess not associated with an e-mail address will be deleted.

One guess per person, please.

And no tricks! No mathematics or less than signs or formulas. Just the amount you think in US Dollars.

I’m not sure what the tax laws in your state are, but I am going to sneak around them when I send this to you by mail. Oh yeah, Haskckuhi, US residents only.

And yes, you are probably going to have to trust me about how much money is in the bag. It's written on the back side.

{Editor's Note - 7/28/09: It's less than $50.01 and more than $.01.}

How much money do you have?

Greg brought me a Star Wars product catalog and started pointing out all the things he wanted. It would have been quicker for him to show me the things he did not want.

I said, “How much money do you have?”

He said, “More than a lot.”

I am going to use that phrase as much as possible.