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Stoned Stoneder Stonederiest

Oddly enough, we thought of these t-shirts while we were at Lollapalooza.


If you and your two stoned friends want t-shirts, you can buy them here:


The Midnight Mountain Club

After John's wedding, we decided we would climb the mountain. Greg found his Midnight Mountain Club T-shirt in a box when they moved and he wore it that night. Eric had his buddy draw the design and we had about 10 of them silk screened in 1990. I think Greg's is the only one exists (and still fits.)

Greg scanned the shirt and sent it to me. I was able to clean it up in photoshop and made a shirt at Skreened.

I am so happy.

She Asked HolyJuan

Here is non-photoshopped, visual proof that I have one fan who is actually willing to show her face!

Feel free to Ask HolyJuan yourself by e-mailing me at

Vampire Test T-shirt

Are you a vampire? Curious? This helpful t-shirt can determine whether you are a vampire or not!

Click on the photo to buy it from!

Edtitcational Shirts

I look at women's boobs. It is a built in, DNA programmed reflex and I'm done fighting it. Knowing that guys will stare at a woman's chest, I thought it best that we make the most of it. So I created the Edtitcational Shirt Series: math and scientific formulas printed on t-shirts so that guys can learn while they yearn.

The Quadratic Equation

Pythagorean Identity

Click on a photo to order or go to to see my whole collection of HolyJuan Brand T-shirts.

I am a thief

A few months ago, I had a great, original idea for a t-shirt. I spent about three minutes on the photoshop and then zipped on over to where I promptly added my “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” design to a t-shirt and waited for the money to roll in.

About three days later, a reader e-mailed me to say that someone had stolen my shirt idea and created a similar t-shirt. They mentioned that this somehow happened about two years before I designed my “original” shirt. I immediately started to track down this thief and their time machine.

When I looked up “milk, milk lemonade t-shirt” on Google, I was amazed. There are at least 20 varieties of the same design.

This design (clicky) is exactly like mine, right down to the curly arrow pointing ‘round the corner. Sure there are slight differences, but basically I am a plagiarizer.

I am a thief. I suck.

Staff Pick o' the Month at Skreened

Daniel at Skreened picked my "I am a genus" t-shirt as one of his favorites this month.

Someday, I might actually sell a freaking shirt. Well, a second shirt. (Thanks, Jenn!)

HolyJuan at

I know that 50% of my fans (one of you) have been asking me about HolyJuan apparel. Until recently, the only clothing you could buy was a pair of boxers with the stain that roughly looked like toast.

Now, BEHOLD! You can find HolyJuan t-shirts at They are a Columbus t-shirt company and I hope to sell one shirt in the next six months.

So far I only have one design.

Let me know if you want something personalized. Jesus cartoon shirts are sure to be next.

Buy me.