"I Love Me. Who Do You Love?" available on Amazon

Thanks to a number of friends and fans, I was able to publish a collection of stories and posts from HolyJuan.com.  That book is now available on Amazon (I Love Me. Who Do You Love?)

If you go to the link, you can preview a bit of it with the "Look Inside" feature.  You will note that there are full sentences and some instances of proper grammar.  It is available in hard copy and for Kindle.

Thanks to those of you that contributed and you other fucking slackers who have been enjoying HolyJuan for FREE over the past 11 years need to pony up and buy a stinking copy.  If you are completely down on your luck, I do have a number of .mobi copies that I can give away for free. Email me at holyjuan@gmail.com if you would like a copy for your device.