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How to Download Your Playlist from Grooveshark (for Chrome)

Howdy all! I was contacted by a nice person at Cinch Solution about my broken link to Grooveshark in the article below. For those of you that remember, Grooveshark was a music streaming site that ran into trouble with copyright. It was a great service, but probably because it was breaking the rules. I posted the information below back in 2015 to help folks recover their playlists or similar before the site went down. 

If you would like to know more about what happened to Grooveshark, check out this link:

Boy, I really miss writing to you all. If only there was something I could do about that.

Love, HolyJuan


This is from reddit user akahomerjay42 

Grooveshark was a HTML5 website, so it stored data in the browser "Local Storage.". If you haven't cleared your cache since you last logged into Grooveshark, you can probably retrieve it.
2) Open Chrome's Developer Tools by hitting (CTRL+SHIFT+I)
3) Click on "Resources" tab
4) Expand the "Local Storage" tree
5) Click on ""
6) Find the key that looks something like "Library1414435" (it will be a 7+ digit number)
7) Look at its "value" (it's a JSON string). You should see something like this "{"lastModified":.....blah blah artist name...
8) Right-Click on that value
9) Click "Edit Value"
10) Copy it by hitting CTRL+C 
11) Now go to the webiste  and Paste (CTRL +V) the contents of your clipboard into the window 

12) Download the resulting .CSV file 
13) Open the .CSV file in Office or Excel

My Reddit Secret Santa Gifts!

If you are not aware of Reddit, you should be. Reddit has a Secret Santa gift exchange where strangers exchange gifts in the spirit of the season.

My gift arrived today! Keegan brought it to my desk and he helped take photos for the unboxing.

It's here!

Keegan let me borrow his knife

Brown paper! Just what I always wanted!

A wrapped box. And the color of the wrapping paper matches my eyes exactly!

OK, not exactly.

More boxes inside the first box.

First up, a bottle of Tentacle Grape soda.

Next is a moustache mug from Modern Madness.

I've finally made it to puberty!

Bacon Flavored Popcorn! What will those crazy scientists think of next?

Extremely cool! A 30th anniversary Pac-Man Moleskine!!

And finally, Jack Daniels and Kahlua Coffees!

My Secret Santa, who chose to remain secret, did such a great job picking out gifts for me. I think my favorite is the Pac-Man Moleskine. Here are some close-ups.

Here's everything together.

Thanks Secret Santa! I hope you got some good stuff, too!

Facebook Redacting

I am on a good bit and one popular way that people post stuff from Facebook is to take a screen shot and block out the names and faces using some Photoshop or MS Paint method.

I though it was curious all the varied ways it was done so I've collected a few samples.


This is one of the most common. Neat black boxes over both profile photo and name.


This method is a bit sloppier, but accomplishes the task. In the same family is the black marker, but leaving the profile photo showing.


I think with this method, the user starts with the black redaction box and then has trouble covering up all the text, so they drop down to the brush tool. As a bonus, the user included titles so that we could tell who was saying what, seeing as that you can't once all the names and faces are blocked out.


The cousin of the BLACK REDACTED BOX


The user felt obligated to hide the identity of some faces, some names, but left some names and faces visible. Very sloppy.


This is a very clean method. The faces are hidden, but you can make a connection of who is saying what as you scan down the photo.


I like this one.


This one is very detailed because instead of just blocking out the whole profile, they just hid a little of the guy's face.


I assume this is the smudge tool. Dies a good job of masking without being obnoxious.


With multiple people in the comments, this person used color coordination to distinguish who said what. Very clean. Good work.


This is definitely a MS Paint job. Sloppy, but they tried to color coordinate.


Hard to tell what is going on here. Did the poster try to suggest that the pink person is a girl and the blue is a boy? In addition, the white redacting over the names is very sloppy.


I'm not sure what to think here.

I was poking around for some others and there is a whole section of that features these called Failbook.
I saw this neat one over there with color frames

Reddit Secret Santa Surprise

I am a fan of This past holiday season, they put together the biggest Secret Santa gift exchange ever. Reddit community members were assigned another member for whom to buy a gift with the knowledge that they, too, would receive a gift. Thousands of people were involved and it was a beautiful thing.

I signed up and received my Secret Santa’s name and address. I bought this person a few gifts, wrapped them and sent them out. That was December 10th.

The folks at Reddit set up a website so that users could track when they got a gift and learn when their Secret Santa got their gift and how they reacted. People posted photos and stories. Some were happy and many were ecstatic. I waited for my Secret Santa to get his gift and for my Secret Santa gift to arrive.

Did I mention that that was December 10th?

Time passes. I did not get my gift and my Secret Santa never posted that he received his gift. I was sad.

I gave up at the end of January. Even a bomb shaped gift from Australia going though customs would have made it by February.

And then today…

Today, Gary stopped me in the hallway at work. He said there was a package for me on his cart. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the beat up box with the word HolyJuan on the top. For a fragment of a moment I thought my Secret Santa gift had finally arrived.

Then I realized that the box was my box and the address was my return address and the large stamp on top said UNCLAIMED and RETURN TO SENDER.

And again I was sad.

Then I remembered what Dad once said. He said, “The best gifts are sometimes the ones you buy yourself.”

So I took my box home and gave it to my son Greg.

Here’s Greg when he found out that my package didn’t make it to the person it was supposed to get to.

And here he is finding out that the gifts inside are now for him!

The unboxing:

The interior of the box. A couple wrapped presents:

The first gift.. a refrigerator magnet

Unwrapping Gift #2

A gyroscope!

The note attached to the gyroscope:

I've wanted a gyroscope for
years and never bought one.
So I bought one and I'm
giving it to you.
no one has ever accused me
of being smart.

Opening the third gift:

Star Wars Mad Libs!

Here is the note attached to the Mad Libs:

Hello thehax0rist,
I thought you would enjoy
this Star Wars Mad-Lib.
I think this is actually
how Lucas wrote it in
the first place.

Happy Holidays!

Here is Greg and my first Mad Lib together:

And while the math isn't completely right, two people were very happy with how their Reddit Secret Santa turned out.

See you next Christmas!