0.025 Gallon Gas Reciept

At the end of last month, I stopped to get Kroger gas after shopping at the local Kroger store. They suckered me in with the Kroger Card and points and the hope of someday getting a $5 gift certificate after spending $1000 at their store.

When I pulled up to the pumps, another person was getting back in their car and circling around to another pump. I assumed it was because they pulled up on the wrong side of their car.

I scanned my Kroger Card, slid my credit card through the reader and waited to be deemed worthy. I was told to select my grade of fuel and begin pumping.

When I pulled the handle, I got an immediate, unsatisfying clunk of nothingness and the handle going slack. I adjusted the handle angle and tried again. I thrust the pump phallus in and out of my car's wanting fuel hole to no avail. At that moment, the other car person was doing the same thing I was and then realized that the pumps were all malfunctioning and that I wouldn't be getting gas at Kroger's that night.

When I reinserted the nozzle back into the pump, I noticed that the digital readout suggested that "some" gas had made it into my tank. 0.025 of a gallon to be specific. That of course is complete BS as the pump didn't even kick on and that tiny amount of gas would have evaporated before it reached the end of the nozzle.

Now, how much does twenty five thousandths of a gallon of gasoline cost at $3.449 per gallon? Nine fucking cents.

What's really great is that because I used my Kroger Card, I saved .00075 cents!

And what's really sad is that $3.449 for gas would be a steal today.


Rach said...

Didn't know how much a gallon is to a litre. Till Wikipedia said,

"U.S. liquid gallon is legally defined as 231 cubic inches, and is equal to 3.785411784 litres (exactly)"

I'm insanely mad. Because that's $0.911/litre. I'm paying $2.15/litre. That's $8.14/gallon.

You may want to do the math again because numbers confuse me.

Chuck Steel said...

Let Google do the math for you. Do a search on:
3.449 dollars per gallon in dollars per liters


Who needs calculators anymore?

Anonymous said...

What's even better is that you lost all of your Korger points too! Your nine cents of air cost you several hundred dollars of groceries. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Now, the REALLY sad thing is that you put that on your credit card.

Jim said...

Well Rach, that's one of the fun problems with us Americans, we always complain about the price of gas. However every other country has been paying almost twice as much as we do at the pump. I usually just multiply litres by 4, not 100% accurate, but close enough...