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Broken Radio?

Here's a photo from John and Beckah. As they were driving, they saw this dude in the car next to them.

It's hard to tell, but the dude is wearing a harmonica rack and is playing away on his harmonica.

I assumed his radio was broken, but now I think he might have just been playing along.

Sarah and Josh's Reception: The Photo Booth

Sarah and Josh had their wedding reception this past Saturday. We all had a lot of fun and people we amazed to meet my wife.

Sarah and Josh decided to rent a photo booth for the evening so that guests could take photos of themselves and then put them into a scrapbook. To help advertise the booth, Sarah had our friend Meshell designed a poster:

As I am completely unobservant, it took me about an hour to figure out that the characters on the poster were actually caricatures.

Now, can you find me?

Yes, that's me. Passed out in the booth, probably forty-five minutes into the event.

Just for reference, here's Miss Sally and I:

I won't show you the Acton photos.

PalmerFest 2009 "riots?"

Well, sometimes this stuff happens when you mix alcohol and matches. The peaceful PalmerFest of years past got a little out of control last night. Setting fires is one thing, but it is egregious that stupid fucks would throw bottles at the firefighters.

I will suggest that when this kind of shit does happen, it is usually because of people from out of town who don't give a shit. 70% of arrests in Athens during the annual Halloween party are guests of student from out of town. But that is no excuse. I don't know the whole story, but I assume that PalmerFest will look a lot different next year.


Photos from the rough parts of the night by Andrew Spear The aftermath.

Article from The Post.

Creepy Face

Greg and I were playing around with Mr. Potato Head parts. He took this photo of me. I think I've scarred him. Again.

Time Travel Photo Fix

I got this e-mail from a reader:

Hello HolyJuan,

I am hoping you can help me out. A few weeks ago, I took this photo at my daughter's seventh birthday. To my embarrassment, the 7 is backwards in the photo.

Anyway you can fix this for me?



Here is the photo in question.

Dear Tina,

I think I can help you. Sadly, my pirated version of CorelDRAW is locked up and I cannot shop it for you.

BUT! My time machine is working. I'll just go back in time to a right before the photo is taken and turn it for you. Hold on just a minute...

OK, I'm back! Sorry that took so long. I stuck a round a few extra days and took a little vacation in the past. While there, I went all the way back to June to fix a little drunken incident at a party in Chicago. I'm sure no one will mind. Here is the photo!

Take care!


My $29.95 Doorstop

Here is a photo of my new $29.95 doorstop.

It works out well because the extra weight of the cumbersomeness helps on breezy days. I was using it as a paper weight, but the book kept taking my simple English sentences and adding random letters and gibberish.

No one has ever accused me of being smart, but I was able to make it through Donaldson and Tolkien without plucking my eyeballs out. (Well, not The Silmarillion, so maybe you can do the math.) It’s one thing to need a glossary to decipher a book. It’s another to need to have scratch paper, the entire works of Thelenes and an abacus.

I guess I’ll just re-read Diamond Age again and remember the good days.

George Bush signs $700 billion dollar bill

President George W. Bush signs the $700 billion US financial bailout bill in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington Friday. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

Ruined Photo

Don't you hate it when you take a great photo and then it is ruined by one person in the background?

Very Cute

just cute

Holy crap, that girl is cute. She's also an obnoxious bear... but cute.

You take picture?

During lunch at our local Asian Buffet, we noticed a curious dish labeled “Marinated Steak.” Foods with the word steak in them have to be good. As a matter of fact, this dish is SO good that the management took the time to write, “For Customer Only” on the label. This dish is SO delicious that the employees are banned from eating it!

I thought I would take a photo of the sign to share with you. I borrowed Heather’s cell camera because mine sucks Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls. I walked up to take the photo and the only folks at the buffet were three people that work there. Two were loading up plates (but not with Marinated Steak!) and one was cleaning. I did not want to take the photo with anyone watching so I pretended like I was going back for fifths without a plate and a phone in my hand. The old man filling his plate seemed to be looking at me so I stuffed the phone in my pocket and checked out the desert trough. When I thought he was gone, I pulled out the unfamiliar camera, fumbled with it for a second and took this outrageously horrible shot.

I went back to the table, sat down and gave Heather back her camera.

“Excuse me sir?”

It was the Hostess. “Excuse me sir, my boss says you take picture.”

Fumbling words, “Um, yeah I did.”

“He wants to know why you take picture.”

“For my website.”


“For my WEBSITE.” (When someone doesn’t understand you, speak louder.)


I translated, “For my REB-SRITE.”

“Oh, you have brog?”

{AUTHOR’S NOTE – I just made that few lines up. Let me continue back where I started lying.}

It was the Hostess. “Excuse me sir, my boss says you take picture.”

Fumbling words, “Um, yeah I did.”

“He wants to know why you take picture.”

“I think that sign that says “For Customer Only” is funny. I can erase the photo if you want.”

“No. It’s OK. He just want to know why you take picture.”

She left. We paid. We left.

My co-workers said they would kill me if we all got banned. No Marinated Steak for you!

Hanging out at the water cooler

This photo is so wrong on so many levels. That is a plastic thumb hanging out of my shirt. I'm not sure what those stains are. That look on my face is awful.

Put them together and they make one hell of a photo.

Return to Sender

Someone in my office put this letter in the outbox. I looked at it for almost a full five seconds before I realized what the amiss was.

So, do you think that if it gets "RETURN TO SENDER'd" that it will end up on Liberty Island?