The Yodeler

Today, I got an e-mail from my friend Meghan with the subject: "Bad Boy. "Thinking it was porn, I immediately opened it up. It read, "what the heck are you doing! i say, bad Doug, bad!"

This was the attached photo:

A photo of me, peeing on a sheet of cardboard? Once I got over the initial disappointment that it was not porn, I took a closer look and noticed that this was no ordinary sheet of cardboard! This was a cardboard mock up of "The Yodeler" exhibit. It was a interactive health exhibit, based on the Cliff Hangers game from The Price is Right. Instead of dollars, each tick was a gram of fat. Guests would cycle through a day of meals and choose foods that would usually eat.

After each meal, the yodeler would go up the cliff the number of fat grams your selected meal had. If you picked over 72 grams of fat... over the edge fatty!

Here's the final exhibit:

If there were an award for health exhibits based on The Price Is Right games, this would at least get second place.

I'm not sure if it was Meghan's intent, but I spent a while reminiscing about the design, fabrication and installation of this exhibit. Those were very, very good times.

Located within the Health Royale Gallery at the The Clay Center
Concept, Design and Graphics by Roto Studio
Engineering and Beautiful Mountain by LifeFormations


Unknown said...

It wasn't my intent, but I'm glad you got some joy out of the image regardless. It sure made me laugh.
I was just there (sunrise, WV) and it is a pretty exhibit...I remember slaving over the design of those trees. Oh, good times.

Anonymous said...

What would get first place? The contraception Plinko game? You know where you drop the sperm discs from the top and see if the land on an egg?

Anonymous said...

Looking over this entry, I too thought back to the old sunrise days, when me hair was slightly shorter, my beard slightly thiner, and my attitude was way, way better. They were good times, and I think I needed this little romp down memory lane as a reminder that it's my attitude that determines if it is a good time or not, not the situation itself.


Anonymous said...

All I know is I'm still trying to lose the 5 pounds i gained on the Sunrise install.