Christian Group Plans to Change the Names of the Days of the Week

COLUMBUS (FD) – The names for the days of the week are based on old pagan beliefs and mythology and one Ohio Christian coalition group wants to do something about it. The Christian Guardians of His Word are a collection of churches from around Ohio and West Virginia. Church leaders meet on a quarterly basis to discuss regional issues and politics. An emergency meeting was called after one of the members was looking over their child's shoulder at their virtual classroom, saw the teacher's "days of the week" lesson, and realized that the days of the week are based on “weird gods and heathen worship.”

The group decided to create a new set of Christian friendly names for the days of the week and then petition their state and federal representatives to force the government to make it official. The team of representatives from 37 churches gathered at Our Peoples of God’s Church in Columbus, Ohio to decide upon the new, Christian friendly names.

Debate started immediately when someone suggested changing Sunday to "God's Day." It seemed like an obvious change, until one member shouted out that every day is God’s day and they should not narrow it down to one single day. For an hour, debate raged between going with the assumption that everyone would understand that everyday is God’s day and the opposite end of the spectrum of calling Sunday, "God's Day 1" and going through the week in order "God's Day 2", "God's Day 3" and so on. In the end it was decided to call Sunday “Church Day” with the understanding that everyone knows that every day is God's Day.

For the next several hours, the rest of the days of the week were pounded out. Monday would become "Work Day." Tuesday would become "Spirit Day." There was a difference of opinion if Wednesday or Thursday should be called "Wash Day" as different people bathe and do laundry on different days of the week. As many members attend their individual churches on Wednesday as well, they decided to replace Wednesday with “Wash Up Day” to play upon the words sounding like “worship day.” Thursday is to become known as "Love Day" and everyone agreed to call Friday "Pizza Night Day." Saturday, of course, will be known as "The Day Before Church Day."

The Christian Guardians of His Word have put together a statement of suggestion and will begin petitioning their representatives in the new year on Love Day the 4th in God’s Month 2.

How to Download Your Playlist from Grooveshark (for Chrome)

Howdy all! I was contacted by a nice person at Cinch Solution about my broken link to Grooveshark in the article below. For those of you that remember, Grooveshark was a music streaming site that ran into trouble with copyright. It was a great service, but probably because it was breaking the rules. I posted the information below back in 2015 to help folks recover their playlists or similar before the site went down. 

If you would like to know more about what happened to Grooveshark, check out this link:

Boy, I really miss writing to you all. If only there was something I could do about that.

Love, HolyJuan


This is from reddit user akahomerjay42 

Grooveshark was a HTML5 website, so it stored data in the browser "Local Storage.". If you haven't cleared your cache since you last logged into Grooveshark, you can probably retrieve it.
2) Open Chrome's Developer Tools by hitting (CTRL+SHIFT+I)
3) Click on "Resources" tab
4) Expand the "Local Storage" tree
5) Click on ""
6) Find the key that looks something like "Library1414435" (it will be a 7+ digit number)
7) Look at its "value" (it's a JSON string). You should see something like this "{"lastModified":.....blah blah artist name...
8) Right-Click on that value
9) Click "Edit Value"
10) Copy it by hitting CTRL+C 
11) Now go to the webiste  and Paste (CTRL +V) the contents of your clipboard into the window 

12) Download the resulting .CSV file 
13) Open the .CSV file in Office or Excel

2007 Honda Accord strange electrical issue with solution

 What has become of when I am posting automotive repair?

We have a 2007 Honda Accord. One day it had the following issues:

headlights not working

blinkers not working

rear passenger side window not working

remote entry not working

Intermittent windshield

(could have been more issue but this was the lot of them)

The engine still started, the hazard lights worked, and the regular windshield wipers worked.

In questioning my son, he said he had left the driver's window open when it rained and the issues started the next day.

In researching on the internet, it seemed there were several people that had slightly similar issues with various Honda make and models. Dissimilar electrical systems all having issues. Solutions given were to check fuses, replacing bulbs, and even to replace the whole fuse units under the hood and at the driver's side dash underside (yikes!) 

My solution was to pop out the power window controller and unplug both sets of wires. With the wires disconnected, everything not associated with that control panel worked again. I plugged the wires back in and everything worked again. Thinking I randomly fixed the issue with a loose wire, I popped the power window controller back in and everything stopped working. I removed it again. Removed the wires. Most everything worked. This time I left the turn signal, plugged in both sets of wires, and popped it back in. This time, the blinker stayed on and everything worked.

I assume that I knocked the water out or rubbed the corrosion off or something in my plugging and unplugging. I left a tool in the glove compartment so that if it happens again, my son can temporarily fix it. If you remove the wires from the power window controller, the windows won't work, but he can get home with headlights and blinkers.

I will continue to monitor this and update if needed.

I hope this helps you! 

Why I like Thunderheist's "Jerk It" video By that-go

Please be aware that the video below is very suggestive and deserves to be played very loudly in the comfort of your home/apartment/cardboard box behind Starbucks with wifi reception. Not for work. Not to be shared except with me.

I like this video. I have watched it several times and have come to understand myself a little bit better because of this video. I can only hope that you learn a little bit about yourself or that you learn that I am creepy. More creepy.

Please absorb and remember to play this loud and alone:


So here is my list of reasons for liking this, kind of in order as they appear in the video:

Great beat
Dancing girl
Pretty girl
No make up
Clenched fist
Handjob suggestion
Eyes closed
Boob shake
Slow motion
Awesome framing
Detail to the twisting leg
Hair stuck on lip
Crinkled nose

In the end, it's the crinkled nose that did it for me. I don't know why, but when a girl gives you the crinkled nose, it's pretty much on.

Belts and Babysitters

As kids, we had several babysitters. Three of them were siblings from the same family. I remember disliking the oldest sister (Cathy), liking the middle sister (Carla), and having a crush on the youngest (Darla). They probably did not get paid enough to watch the four of us. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you will think the same after reading this.

One summer day, while we were being watched by Carla, the middle sister, my brother Steve and I decided to make a rope out of belts and climb out the second story window. We attached the belts together by just taking the holey end of one belt, and attaching it to the buckle of another belt. When we ran out of buckled belts, we just started tying them together. We tested the “rope” by pulling on it, and our little tug-of-war seemed to stretch the rope, but not break it. At the second-floor window, we tied the top belt to the bunk bed that we had slid over to the window. We threw the other end out the window and it almost reached the ground.

This was a bad idea and Steve and I both knew it. He said I should try it first because I was lighter. I said he should try it first because he was taller and would fall a shorter distance if the rope broke. We went back and forth and finally concluded that neither one of us would go first. Instead, we decided to pull a prank on Carla.

We pulled the belt rope back up in the house, took off the bottom half of belts, and tied them around my waist with some slack belts trailing off. The rest of the belt rope was then lowered out the window where it now only reached half way down the side of the house.

I snuck outside and laid down on the ground under the window. Steve ran to Carla, told her I fell, and ran with her outside to where I was on the ground.

I cannot remember the exact details of what happened in the next few moments or for the rest of the day. As she put her hands on me, I remember jumping up and saying that we fooled her. Her reaction was probably 1% relief and 99% anger. We got in a lot more trouble than we expected and spent the rest of the day in our room. Carla told our parents and the Atari was taken away from us, probably for a week.

Looking back, that was a pretty good prank. I think we should have received lesser punishment due to the creativity. Of course, if my kids did it, I’d take their phones away, probably for a week.