Ask HolyJuan: My wife is faking it

Dear HolyJuan,

My wife just told me she's been "faking it" for years. In fact, she claims she feels almost nothing from penetration though she enjoys the closeness. Please help.

Fake Name

Dear Fake Name,

I think the problem lies in the fact that your wife enjoys the closeness. What she is saying is that your penis is short and hence, you are way too close to her during sex. If your penis is large, then she’s got a cave for a vagina and you are still out of luck.

Here is my suggestion: Across the Room Sex. The next time you find yourself getting in the mood, stage yourself in the furthest part of the room away from the bed or hammock. While your wife lies in the standard, missionary position you enjoy so much, I want you to stand or kneel in the corner and thrust madly with your groinular area. I would suggest an intestinal wall tearing 300 times. During each thrust, I want you to scream out like Maria Sharapova serving a shot put. Then, run back into bed, frantically masturbate and fall asleep as quickly as possible. Repeat this eight to ten times over the next 30 days ensuring you take a two day “love break” between sessions. Over time, your wife will start to hate you. Burning hot, vitriolic hate. You might want to light candles in the bedroom during these sessions so that she has enough light to fill out the divorce papers.

One day, you will come home from therapy to find she is gone.

Now, she won’t have to fake orgasms anymore, as she will be with someone who isn’t you.

Wow. That was an easy fix my friend.

Take care,


PS And if you cannot figure out that you wife is faking it, you are a douche and don’t deserve to have sex. I know every single time that your wife is faking it and that number is twenty seven.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think your being a little overly harsh on Fake Name? Divorce is such a final solution. May I suggest the same arrangement I have with you and Sally. A "pinch hitter". When Fake Name's wife is in the mood, simple call in some extra help. That way, either the wife is satsified or the wife doesn't feel bad that if she has to fake it(it's a stranger after all) and Fake Name doesn't have to deal with the psychological trauma of being unable to please his wife. Win-Win situation all around.

HolyJuan said...

That reminds me... you left an 8 iron, twenty packets of mayo and a bottle of Ouzo here.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me...or is it getting a little hot in here?!?

Anonymous said...

Dear HJ,

I've tried this several times but wife is blind and hence cannot sign divorce papers.

The dude who's wife fakes orgasms