mad max haiku

I use StatCounter to track my hits and to help me stalk the eight people who come to my site. StatCounter will also let me see what word searches people use to get here. Someone did a search on Google for “mad max haiku driving” and found my site.

So I thought I would help them out next time they do the search.

Alone with your car
Gasoline non-existent
Chainsaw guns are not


Anonymous said...

It's only seven people. I check your blog from work AND home.... mostly for advice about doing booze at work or how not to treat my wife. (Or was it the other way around?)

Anonymous said...

Haiku should have 3 lines, with 5, 7 and 5 words respectively per line.

You need to update your haiku accordingly. I am surprised one of your Lancaster friends did not point that out. Maybe they are too busy reading encylopedias. --Loy