Burtfest '08

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Anonymous said...

when i was probably about 12 years old the playgirl that had Burt Reynolds came out and at Thanksgiving dinner with my very Italian family all the women were freaking out..Ohhhhing and Awwwwwwing over Burt reynolds naked body. This is where I had a glimpse of my first naked man and I am permanently scarred by it. I have an aversion to overly hairy men. Burt ruined what seems to bring joy and hapiness to many a woman. Even my ex husband was a bit hairy *shudder* and I would watch as women would try to rub their fingers through his mane and I just couldnt go there.
Yes...Burt ruined my concept of men completely.
so when any of you think you are doing a harmless act..think twice.You may take something away that couldve been a beautiful thing.
Oh..and if my Steve is reading this...yes Baby...I love your hairy chest...its so sexy and beautiful and I cant get enough of it...No really Baby!
Thank you again Holy Juan..thank you again..Now I have to take Hunter to lunch and pray I can get it down.