Contemporary Insantiy: Renovated, Invigorated and as Fresh as a Walk Down a Dirt Lane in Spring with Your Mom as Curtains Billow in the Background

Brandon is back from his eight week internship in Lagula, Uganda and the first thing he did (right after getting the twenty or so Bot Flies removed from his flesh) was to get his site Contemporary Insanity back up and running.

I highly suggest you go check it out. (And look up Bot Fly while you are at it so you can get COMPLETELY grossed out.)

If you remember, Contemporary Insanity was the first site to have full video of Jon Stewart's CNN Crossfire Appearance and will be the first site to have coverage of the 2010 Psychic and Mindreaders Convention building collapse.

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Anonymous said...

After a trip to Belize, my wife (Karen) had bot flies. No joke. I pulled one out of her skull with tweezers (after the other fell out unfortunately). Grossest thing I ever saw, but now we both laugh. Heck, we wish we would have taken photos so that folks believe us. Still can't believe the dermatologist and infectious disease specialist could not figure it out. Since then, I learned we could have put a raw steak against the holes, and the larva will come out. That would have been interesting since my wife is a vegetarian. I definitely would have taken pictures of that. Maybe we need to get back to Belize?