Governor Palin's Experience



Anonymous said...


As an aside, McCain lost my vote with that VP pick a VP with only 20 months of experience, and it only consisted of being a mayor in a town of 9,000?! Wtf was he thinking

Anonymous said...

McCain made the choice as a pure political tactic to get voters. For no other reason than the fact that she is a woman, with conservative views, she was chosen. The ploy is an attempt to get Hillary voters outright.

Honestly, it's like they (the politicians)are playing a game...and the only people who loose are the American citizens.

Anonymous said...

What is obviously ______ about all of this is that we will have someone in the WH that we have never had, a woman or a "person of color". I will be interesting to see if it does anything to change America. And FYI, Obama only has 24months of experience right?

Anonymous said...

She's the governor of Alaska.
Yes, she was originally a Mayor in a small town, but please: Get your facts straight.
She doesn't really help McCain, other than her stand on ousting corruption in her state's government, which she's done a more than decent job at.
Obama's camp started attacking her reputability as soon as her VP nomination was announced to the press, with no good merit.

And to be completely and factually honest, when was the last time that your vote or mine counted for president?
Sure, we can vote for electoral college members to cast a vote for us in the Presidential election, but the public vote has never counted for shit in the end.
(Also, tell me where in the Constitution it states that the public elect this nation's President? Didn't think so.)

So McCain lost your public vote. He could care less.
Obama could care just as less if you voted for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "What is obviously ______ about all of this is that we will have someone in the WH that we have never had, a woman or a "person of color". I will be interesting to see if it does anything to change America. And FYI, Obama only has 24months of experience right?"

I think Obama is actually going on more than 24 months...
He's at somewhere along the lines of 4 years in the Illinois state senate.
But, I would love to see someone, somewhere post a short and sweet list of his accomplishments as a Senator.
Who's up to the challenge? People question McCain's credibility, and politics, why shouldn't people question Obama's?
What has Obama accomplished politically, other than achieving a nomination for President?
And I do not want to read about his charisma, his ability to stir up a crowd with a few 'keywords'.
I've heard enough about change (And, oh if the Obama pundits want to talk about 'Change', and 'Hope', that's all we're going to have left with him, once his plans are introduced. Say goodbye to the will to achieve, because you will be taxed on your achievements and investments until you cannot function.)
This is the worst election in recent United States history.
And not because he's black (or Black-white/ White-black) I'm indifferent to that. I'm happy that we as a nation have came this far as to have a someone other than 'John Q. Whitey' running for president, I am indifferent to his color of skin, but I completely and utterly disgust at Obama's politics.
If you really sit back, think and read about his political career, he hasn't accomplished anything other than running a presidential candidacy campaign from day one as a Senator.

He can stir a crowd of liberal, socialistic pawns by talking of 'Change' and 'Hope' for America.
So, what?

Well, at least if he does get elected, he won't die of natural causes soon, like McCain will, most likely.
Also, Joe Biden, as VP?
That's what really deserves a "WTF?".

Anonymous said...

Obama: 8 years state Senate and 3.5 in US Senate

Palin: 2 term city council, 2 term mayor, 1.5 yr as Governor

Anonymous said...

I'll try to sanitize this some. When I was in the Navy we described certain individuals as 'spatula xxxx'. That is because they kept stepping on one of their private parts. I suspect that Grandpa McSame has a serious problem in that department after this particular gaffe. (Laughing a lot-I'm older and a liberal and I think this idiot is trying to commit suicide, but his choice of doing it is not lethal, just uncomfortable... maybe he's just a masochist.) said...

If I were McCain, I would be watching my bacside. Her "public service" has begun with incredible "clean-up" of corruption...followed by her pressuring her public safety chief to filre a State Trooper who had the audacity to cheat on his wife and wind up divorced as a result.

Oh, the state trooper was her brother-in-law, prior to the divorce.

On the plus side, I can -see- how an "Evangelical Christian," "pro-life," "anti-gay marriage," ultra-conservative whistle blower from a frozen state is going to lure the disgruntled 18-million-shards-of-angry-glass-ceiling away from the Hillary Camp. Boy, Barack must be trembling in his boots. And Hillary -- well, she's pissed as all hell that she buckled under the pressure and acted graciously, now that THIS is the Republican response.

OM said...

How messed up is that...? For months we've been (a little) careful not to talk about his age, and now he does this and leaves us no choice.

I hope she wears thick gloves when she feeds him, because he seems like a biter.

Anonymous said...

The McCain is old thing, just doesn't
get McCain, ehm i mean old, it just doesn't get old!
very funny pic.

Anonymous said...

Fucking haters. Alaska has over 300,000 people that live there. I cant believe that education in the lower 48 is so fucking ridiculous that everyone I have met since moving out of Alaska believe that we live in igloos.

fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

People from Alaska live in IGLOOS.

Anonymous said...

In Alaska, milk come in bags.

Sherman H. said...

There are no schools in Alaska

DeusExMachina said...

Alaskans do not live in igloos, because Alaskans do not have the intelligence to build them.

Anonymous said...

50% of the Alaskan population are penguins. The less intelligent half are republicans.

State Trooper said...

Alaska is gay with hawaii. It's true I saw it.

Anonymous said...

I heard people in Alaska only live in igloos, is this true?

Anonymous said...

In my view of this whole shit, McCain only picked Palin because his only chance of even having a chance in this election is to steal as many "Hillary" votes as possible. So he goes and picks Palin as his V.P. I'm tryin to understand how she compares to Hillary. SHE DOESN'T, Ok so she is the govenor of alaska... and she faught against corruption and "big oil"..what a resume. Oh and by the way is it not true that republicans own all the damn oil anyway? I know George Jr. owns plenty, no wonder why they cant find osama but we can find any person in america they want. I just don't think naming her as V.P. is going to pay off in the end.

OM said...

People in Alaska kiss with their noses!

Michael said...

Haha, that first comment was made by the dumbest liberal I have EVER heard. Sarah Palin is by FAR more experienced than Obama. How can you comment on McCain's Second's achievements when the democrats FIRST has only been a Senator for two years and a community leader of a organization that he cant name or tell about. Palin has been a mayor an a governor and has deployed the national guard. The McCain ticket as a whole has more experience than the Obama ticket. The only experience on the Obama ticket is Joe Biden, what a laugh.

Doug said...

You definitely need experience calling up the National Guard because of the Iraq war, they are the only ones left to call up.

And if McCain dies in office, at least we'll have someone with the executive experience to hire a dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

Proof that Alaskans are morons: they still live in Alaska. Pwned.

Kilroy said...

While it's silly for Obama supporters to talk about experience in a VP that has more than their Presidential candidate, I found this picture hilarious. Good job to whomever wrote the balloon captions!

dan said...

What a group of jealous, witless, scared because democrats are not going to win the White House, whining pack of shit for brains. Don't worry about a VP with little experience who is not going to be President, worry about a community-organizer with 140 days in the Senate who would be President. Thats the idiot making ignorant decisions daily. BTW... calling out the National Guard was your whore monger Bill's claim of military experience. So just keep crying and bellowing you pathetic ill-informed, choose-to-believe-lies, losers.

Doug said...

I love it when the Conservatives pull out the "Bill got his dick sucked" line.

I miss those days.

Well, I'm going back to the Presidential shredder to pull out the constitution and keep taping it back together.

Michael said...

Hmm...thats funny DOUG...I didn't see anyone but you talk about Billy's dick. Underlying issues?

I think it's rather funny to hear a LIBERAL talking about "taping up the constitution". Rather hilarious actually.

Lets look at gun control. Obama want's tighter gun control. Palin actually hunts. Not sure about McCain but he's obviously fired one at some point. What does the 2nd amendment read? Oh, just a little something about the right to keep and bear arms. Hmm, and it seems to be LIBERALS who want to say I cant carry my gun in public anymore.

Did you hear about the movement in Texas? Open carry? Hurrah. Technicaly as the laws are written, you need a license to carry a concealed hand gun. other words I dont need a license to wear one on my hip. Liberals took our right to carry weapons away. It's the conservatives who are trying to give us our rights back.

...stupid lib.

Doug said...

Dear Michael,

I think your problem is that you are a big fat dude and when you are wearing a gun on your hip, your enormous conservative belly, flabs over and conceals your phallic enlarging handgun, requiring you to have a permit.

My suggestion? Lose some weight, fatty.

Man... you people are angry.

Michael said...

LOL...typical liberal.

Doug said...

Ha! So you are fat! I knew it!

So let me guess some other stuff about you seeing as I'm on a roll.

1. You are still single.
2. You have an older sister and got busted peeking in at her dressing when you were 13.
3. You first car was a truck and when you see foreign cars you tailgate them.
4. You were in the top 10% of your graduating class because 905 of your school was hispanic.
5. Played football, but an injury kept you from college.
6. Got laid at an awkward age of 17 after your girl drank too much Southern Comfort
7. Daddy loved you, but you've never made him proud.
8. You've never had to wear glasses, but your vision is starting to slowly fade.
9. You don't like bumper sticker, but you have three of them anyways.
10. You keep coming back to look at these comments, so you must love me almost as much as I love me. Thanks for adding to the 12 other people that have read my site this week.


Michael said...

Never said I was fat...I said you were a typical liberal. You couldn't be more wrong about ANYTHING you said. Try to refrain from being a total moron. And you are calling US the angry ones. lmfao. What a loser.

Doug said...

Keep reading the site, friend. Spread the word to your friend!

So far, I'm 11 / 11 about you.

I thought I was wrong about the bumper sticker thing, but I guess I was right!

Tell your sister I said hello.

Michael said...

Yea, I did go to your site. Accidently clicked that holy juan crap. Dont worry, I didn't stay and read any of it. Liberal dribble doesn't pertain to people that matter. :-) Anywho, I'm off to bed. Night night liberal boy.

Doug said...

We both matter.

Goodnight, my newest fan.

Anonymous said...


Big-ole-angry-redneck-conservative-pig-fucker-Michael pwned by Doug. Brilliant.

Inbred fucker.

Anonymous said...

OMG there are 300000 people in alaska? THATS A HUGE NUMBER. Oh wait there are more people in my city and its a fucking small city in wisconsin. And all of you that think Obama has less experience than her are just retarded. If we vote for McCain who is going to leave this country in same BS as the last 8 years I'm moving to Canada. And you know what, unlike Michelle Obama I can say this. Listening to Obama speak made me proud to live in this country first fucking time in 8 years. Thats right, the last 8 years i have bowed my head in shame to be a part of this country

Anonymous said...

the hate is strong in this one.

But seriously, it does make me laugh a little when people start talking about Palin's inexperience.

Personally, I would rather have a President experienced with world relations and a VP experienced with domestic issues (which Palin is, Governor>state senator when it comes to actually ....governing people) than a President with NO actual real-world experience (Just look at his handling of his racist preacher buddy and his slimebag Chicago friends....none of that shit flies IRL, maybe in Chicago, IL though) and an experinced VP (Joe Biden was a reasonably good choice)

Anonymous said...

ALSO, for anyone who says they are leaving if McCain wins, I give you the same response as I sent to Alex Baldwin 8 years ago:


Thanks, GTFO, and take your awesomeness to Canada where you will probably be censored on the internet soon. Seriously, you will be.

Aythrea said...

I can't help but recall that political experience isn't necessary to run for presidency. I for one would like to see a business professional run for pres, rather than these lying snakes we call politicians.

Ally said...

Dear Michael,

Liberals would be a lot more sympathetic to your "right to keep and bear arms" (let's note that NOWHERE does it say you have a right to hide a handgun in your coat in public, nor does it say a damn thing about your so called "right" to own an M16) if you ACTUALLY USED IT FOR ITS ORIGINAL INTENDED PURPOSE: to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. Unfortunately, the entire lot of you don't seem to give a rat's ass about civil liberties other than your "right" to kill animals for sport. By the way, as far as I'm concerned, shooting a deer from 50 yards away hardly constitutes sport. Give the deer a gun, then you can call it a sport. Come back when you remember to read the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth amendments as well. Additionally, realize that the NRA is not your friend, they're just another greedy bunch of corporations who just want your money.

Much love,
A random Internet stranger who is tired of hypocritical NRA ball lickers.

zuzuspetals said...

hmmm...where do you get these ideas? Barack Obama has served 8 years in the Illinois senate and two as the senator of illinois. in the state senate he helped increase health insurance for children, was involved in death penalty and welfare reform, increased the states minimum wages, etc. in the senate he worked with many to pass legislation regarding lobbying reform bill, immigration reform act by john mccain, he toured nations...and much more..i am utterly confused by his so called "lack of experience." he had more than edwards, or hillary and yet nobody accused them of this.
now i am sure that palin has done something in her time in office. however, it doesnt bode well when mccains own staff cant even explain what those accomplishements are. she provided her state funding with increases based on legislation vetos which i guess is a positive and she rejected a bridge in alaska when she found out that the federal government would not fit the entire bill...what else?

TheHawkNest said...

I realize picking a women VP is a tactic to get all the Hillary supporters on McCain's side but why not Granholm Governor of Michigan. She really isn't helping the economy here.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Ron Paul - a little extreme for some, but the only candidate above all the silly politics, and more concerned about things like freedom, life, and country.

Feel free to keep flaming randoms on internet forums, but realize that you are two sides of the same coin. It is not "Republican vs. Democrat," but rather "Republican and Democrat vs." You're all caught up in the fervor of politics; blindly hating the other party that sometimes the things that really matter tend to lapse from your attention.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you uber-liberal fucks know that Palin was on Obama's long list for VP?

Anonymous said...

What the hell has Obama done. If you can answer this question, you should be the President.

Anonymous said...

With the nomination of Palin to the ticket, I feel hope. Before, I wasn't sure if it was worth voting, choosing the lesser of the two evils. I hope the Republicans win!!! I would like to see what she/they can do!!
If the democrats win we will have terrorist as guests at the White House and all the airport security in the world won't make a bit of difference.
Hope you all do your research before you vote, and keep your eyes and your minds open.

OM said...

Anonymous (the one just above me), I have to say--thank you. You're absolutely right. Like you suggested, I've done my research, and it's true! If the democrats win we will have terrorist as guests at the White House! If only more people did their research!