Quite possibly the worst advertisement ever

This was from our weekly "Suburban News." I'll give it one kudos... it got my attention.

This is quite amazing. I don't know where to begin. I should begin by making fun of the beauty medicine industry as a whole, but that's too obvious.

The title in itself is enough to make me puke. Or they are doing some real science down there and they just can't spell.

I can see the necessity of not wanting to show a naked backside, but I don't know of any advertising firm that uses an Etch-a-Sketch for their illustrations. That poor woman has got no feet!

I'd love to see an actual BEFORE/AFTER patient of this "Beauty Medicine." The website in the advertisement is not working, but you can find Dr. Mudd at http://doctormarybethmudd.com/. I couldn't find any photos (sketches?) this drastic. As a matter of fact, the only BEFORE/AFTER photo in the Photo Gallery is of one woman and I cannot see the difference between the two photos except that she is further away from the camera. Or she's shrinking, which would be a medical miracle.

And I can't use her trademarked name in my article because it is trademarked. I'd hate to hear from her lawyer. Nothing like receiving a subpoena on a Wooly Willy.

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