In Search of Sleepy Scott

Sleepy Scott was not at Micky’s tonight at 12:45am. Though the cast of characters he describes was. From my readings, here’s who I saw that I think he has mentioned before:

Old Guy – The fatter, older guy who sits at the far end of the bar. Looks like no one told him that he should have stopped coming to the bar in 1991. I assume that in 1996, he accidentally got laid by some chick at the bar and he comes back, night after night, hoping it happens again.

Loud Dude – The 40’s something guy that applauds the other karaoke singers, not because they are good, but because he’s hoping that one of them might suck his penis.

Girl that has Dark Hair Now – Yes Scott, she is cute. I’m not sure how you ask her out besides using Craig’s List.

Horrible Bartender Woman – I tried to get a drink for four minutes, hoping you might come out of the bathroom. When she didn’t give me the time of day or can of PBR, I left.

Fat, Happy, Loud Drunk Girl – She knows she’s fat. She knows she’s drunk. And damn she's loud. And unlike Sleepy and I, she’ll get laid tonight.

One day, Sleepy Scott, you and I shall see each other. And then we’ll both have something to write about.


Jay Fielding said...

As a regular, karaoke patron, I would also like to add to the standard list of bar patrons.

One cannot go without mentioning the group of early-20's, drunk chicks who flirt with the crowd when they sing, yet have no interest in anyone there.

HolyJuan said...

They were there too!!

The other, more dramatic move, is for the 20 something to actually sing a duet with one of the 40 something regulars and get them all fired up. Later on in the evening you see the dude, walking around with the song book in his hand, vainly searching his muse who left twenty minutes ago with tattoo guy.

Sleepy Scott said...


If I would have known you were going to show, I'd have stayed another hour.

Ah, well. Taco Bell was calling.

One other thing, the bartenders like me. I'm never without a Rolling Rock.