You won the bet

About eight months ago, I lost a bet to Conny because Ohio State could not put their money where my mouth was. As I am not a welsher on bets, (except the $100 “Hair Past Her Shoulders” bet with Red Head Jen and your long hair is totally worth the $100 so technically I DID pay) I got my $20 together and got it ready to give to Conny.

First I laid out the 20 one dollar bills and taped them together.

With a flip, my canvas was ready.

I added some insults that are very personal to Conny. I made them in the first person so the strippers he gives them to will know a little bit more about my good friend Conny.

My personal favorite:

Here is the complete list of insults:

I like little boys.
My birth certificate is an apology from the condom company.
I like Vista.
McCain is Dreamy
I don’t get “The Office.”
I like anal sex, just don’t choke me so hard.
Kazaam was hilarious.

I then took the canvas apart and stacked them so that his secrets would remain as such. I can imagine a young girl with the stage name "The Librarian" getting a piece of this puzzle and wondering what the mystery message was.

Congratulations Conny! You won the bet!

Double or nothing on the OSU v. OU game?


Jen - said...

Oh Holy Juan, I'm slowly collecting my $100 in beers whenever we go out. ;)I figure I won't have to buy my own beer until 2012.

HolyJuan said...

I think you'll be drinking a lot more to get ready for 2012.

Anonymous said...

Doug, these dollars are useless to me when I visit the club. You know your mothe..I mean "the Librarian" only takes coins. Besides she already knows all my secrets. Wait... does your sister dance too?

Anonymous said...

Iowa doesn't play Ohio St this year, so no Beer for you Juan!


HolyJuan said...

How about some other bet? Everyone is looking for Ohio State to fail and I could be the one to blame!

Anonymous said...

Double or nothing on the USC game. Same criteria.