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You won the bet

About eight months ago, I lost a bet to Conny because Ohio State could not put their money where my mouth was. As I am not a welsher on bets, (except the $100 “Hair Past Her Shoulders” bet with Red Head Jen and your long hair is totally worth the $100 so technically I DID pay) I got my $20 together and got it ready to give to Conny.

First I laid out the 20 one dollar bills and taped them together.

With a flip, my canvas was ready.

I added some insults that are very personal to Conny. I made them in the first person so the strippers he gives them to will know a little bit more about my good friend Conny.

My personal favorite:

Here is the complete list of insults:

I like little boys.
My birth certificate is an apology from the condom company.
I like Vista.
McCain is Dreamy
I don’t get “The Office.”
I like anal sex, just don’t choke me so hard.
Kazaam was hilarious.

I then took the canvas apart and stacked them so that his secrets would remain as such. I can imagine a young girl with the stage name "The Librarian" getting a piece of this puzzle and wondering what the mystery message was.

Congratulations Conny! You won the bet!

Double or nothing on the OSU v. OU game?

Hide a Dollar

Would you like to play a game? I call it, Hide a Dollar.

I’ve hidden a dollar in a very accessible place. I wrote on it so that you would know that it is mine. I took a photo so it would be easier to locate.

Now, before I tell you where to look, I would like you to do the same. Take a dollar and write your name or screen name or stage name on it and then write on it and hide it somewhere. Then take a picture of where it is hidden. Send the photo to me at along with the general location of where it is at and I will post it for others to find. For example:

A coffee shop in Grandview Heights, OH.

If you find this dollar, let me know. A photo of the dollar would be awesome. A photo of you and the dollar would be awesomer. Bonus: finders keepers!

What are you waiting for?