I am a thief

A few months ago, I had a great, original idea for a t-shirt. I spent about three minutes on the photoshop and then zipped on over to Skreened.com where I promptly added my “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” design to a t-shirt and waited for the money to roll in.

About three days later, a reader e-mailed me to say that someone had stolen my shirt idea and created a similar t-shirt. They mentioned that this somehow happened about two years before I designed my “original” shirt. I immediately started to track down this thief and their time machine.

When I looked up “milk, milk lemonade t-shirt” on Google, I was amazed. There are at least 20 varieties of the same design.

This design (clicky) is exactly like mine, right down to the curly arrow pointing ‘round the corner. Sure there are slight differences, but basically I am a plagiarizer.

I am a thief. I suck.

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The Girl said...

Yours is better.