Google still using IE 6.0?

I read recently that Google is recommending users drop Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0. With the varied IE 6.0 issues, I can see why they would suggest people dump IE 6.0 and switch to some other browser (***cough cough Chrome***)

So I was surprised, when perusing my site's visitor log, that I came across someone from Google HQ on my site using IE 6.0!

I assume it was not a bot as they were on my site for two hours looking at varied content (i.e. penis jokes.)


Anonymous said...

visitor on company laptop

Anonymous said...

You mean you know when I linger too long on your site?? Ummm...I fell asleep with my fingers on the keyboard....yes..thats it.

Anonymous said...

User-agent strings (which is to say, the type and version reported by the browser itself) is a notoriously fungible thing.

Oftentimes, user agents that underreport their version are lumped into one of the bigger categories. This would seem to be the case here.