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Google still using IE 6.0?

I read recently that Google is recommending users drop Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0. With the varied IE 6.0 issues, I can see why they would suggest people dump IE 6.0 and switch to some other browser (***cough cough Chrome***)

So I was surprised, when perusing my site's visitor log, that I came across someone from Google HQ on my site using IE 6.0!

I assume it was not a bot as they were on my site for two hours looking at varied content (i.e. penis jokes.)

"Ask HolyJuan" over the phone! – 614-429-4365

Google has a new phone messaging service in beta called that I signed up for and I’m hoping you can help me test it out. Call me, HolyJuan, at 614-429-4365 and leave an Ask HolyJuan question. It’s easy to remember because the number also spells 614-GAY-IDOL.

It seems like a pretty cool service and it’s free now. I’m sure once they get people hooked that there will be a fee involved.

When I originally set it up, I gave my cell phone number to Grand Central for the confirmation call-back message that I was a real person. When I had my friend Chris call to test it out, my cell phone rang. The default setting on Grand Central is for the internet number call to go to the default contact number as an actual call. I switched that so that all calls go to my voice mail. I can retrieve all my calls on line via MP3 so let it be known that your call is being recorded to improve customer satisfaction.

So, if you are familiar with my Ask HolyJuan segment, feel free call and leave a question or a message. Or just call and say something dirty.