64 Words from HolyJuan - Buddy Blind Copy

{Editor's note: I was going to write for another site, but I could not fit my format to theirs. We tried to meet in the middle with "64 words," but it just didn't work out. So here is a pilot article whose topic will probably never see the light of day again unless someone requests it.)

Buddy Blind Copy is the art of creating serious e-mail messages that go out to unsuspecting co-workers and clients, but that are also blind copied to your friend(s). Carefully use inside jokes, innuendo and double entendres liberally though the e-mail. Your recipients will be clueless and your friends get a laugh. Just ensure your mate does not "reply to all" and get you fired.


Anonymous said...

I would like to request to be on your bc list for any and all emails you would feel are appropriate :).


Tamara said...

Same here! Sounds like fun! Unfortunately, all of my friends hit reply to all. And strange, scary things get sent to my Aunt, Great Aunt, and (worst of all) my mother!