Doug Sleeps

The Subway Seat for 3 girls finally got their apartment furnished just in time for me to visit NYC and pass out. Michelle's new roommates might not know that I can pass out in a 6" x 6' space as long as I can pull a curtain off the wall and cover myself with it.

You can read about the new furnishings HERE.

What you should really do is try to locate all the good Doug sleeping locations in their newly furnished apartment. I didn't have a good photo of me passed out, so I had to use this photo of me begging for change.

See how many Doug sleeping places you can find! (click to embiggen.)

ANSWER: There are 37 Doug pass out spots! (Six of them are under Avenger's bed and four more of me are hiding under Michelle's sheets listening to Shorty snore.)

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Unknown said...

now doug, we have two balcony's so you can bump that number up by 8. we'll have to test the theory out when you visit.

i'm sorry i doubted you... why would you think i would be mad? i love it!