Keegan loses control

We've had Keegan working overtime to prepare for an event this weekend. And from looking at this photo... seems that either:

A: Keegan had coolant leak on to his jeans
B: Keegan was shocked by an ungrounded wire and lost bladder control
C: Keegan was over committed to his work and decided to continue working rather than take a bathroom break
D: Keegan is sexually aroused by lasers

I'll help you decide.
It's not A: because the coolant is located lower than where he is standing
It's not B: because Keegan would never have an ungrounded wire (for the 10th time)
It's not C: because Keegan is never that committed to work
It's not D: because Keegan is impotent due to several ungrounded wire shocks

So I guess it is none of the above. Why do you think the stain on Keegan's pants is?


tegulevi said...

perhaps we are missing a 2nd gunman on a grassy knoll? maybe he got pee'd on.

Anonymous said...

Only removing part of his last name? Lazy Juan is lazy.

Although, you do get bonus points for changing the time to make it look like you show up outside of office hours.

Anonymous said...

Too much water-based lubricant?


P.S. And are you two alone? mmmmm...

Eric Soyke said...

The latest in fashion? Most probably thought acid-washed jeans were gay at first, too. Yes I realize that they're gay now. But they enjoyed a sweet spot for a while there.