Missing My Friends

Meshell's in New York City
And Dave's in Maine
And Steph's In Washington
And visiting them's a pain

So I'll write this poem
And hope they read my site
Cause I miss them all
And JJ Walker says Dy-no-mite!


Unknown said...

Thank you doug. I miss you too!

HolyJuan said...

Damnit! How the fuck do you spell your name!

StephDK said...

Awww, thanks Doug. I miss you too! Maybe some day when the planets align, we'll be able to hang out again, do mat shots & throw smoke bombs into people's houses. Until that time comes, we always have the pictures to remind us of that summer in Denver when we became friends :)

Anonymous said...

You just wanted to use that JJ Walker line, but I miss you too.


Unknown said...

meshell, is the way I sign my art, a nick name other than chops. Michelle is my birth name. Does that clear it up for you now? I won't be there 24/7 to remind you anymore... but I will check your site often enough that I can send you a virtual bitch slap when needed.