HolyJuan in Hungary

I drew a cartoon back in 06' about using World of Warcraft in job interviews. It looked like this:

A story about NOT using WoW in job interviews came out and my cartoon became a little popular around the world. A site in Hungary picked it up and translated it for all the Hungary people:

This just might be the greatest accomplishment of my life.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was recently married. He and his wife are both ardent WoW enthusiasts. Someone even gave them matching WoW hats as a wedding gift.

I was the only person in the wedding party that did not mention gaming during their speech.

This is only slightly less strange than my friends who had the skydiving wedding.

Shwetster said...

Actually, i'm a regular reader of that hungarian site (FS, isn't it? :) and believe it or not, that single piece of comic art lead me to your site. I keep visiting every day since.
Great job, mate :)