The $10,000,000 Mayan Calendar Bet

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2012. There are many who claim that the world will end on that December 21st or the next business day.

I am here to make a wager with these so called apocalyptic soothsayers. If you are willing to stand behind your foresight or stand in front of your hind-sight, I will make the following bet with you:

If the world does not end on December 21st, 2012 (or the following business day), you will owe me $1 (one American dollar.)

If the world does end on December 21st, 2021 (or the following business day), I will pay you $10,000,000 (ten million American dollars.)

The following are acceptable apocalypses:

• Disease/Plague that wipes out 99.9% of the population
• Solar Winds that rape the Earth of its atmosphere and turn us into mutants
• Nuclear Winter population extinction (extended cold period caused by nuclear bombs)
• Nucular Winter population extinction (Nuclear Winter caused by George Bush)
• Biblical Proportion of Something
• Flood (no ark allowed)
• Impact event
• Shit Tornado (well worth the ten million my friend)
• Multi-Volcanic eruption
• Alien Invasion (enslavement will cancel the bet)
• Zombies

If you would like to take this bet, please contact me at


Vir Malus said...

I'd take that bet, but if I win, you wouldn't be around to pay me.

So how 'bout this: you pay me $10,000,000 now, and if the world doesn't end by one of your approved means, I'll reimburse you in full at that time.

Deal? :)

Anonymous said...

What about if the moon leaves the earth's orbit (thus screwing up earth's axial balance resulting in one side of the planet burning and the other freezing), the sun exploding or something bad happening to the earth's core (exploding, imploding, freezing over or just plain going wrong)? Would that count as an apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

I also take the bet, under the conditions that I get the $10.000.000 now, and, should the world not end, I will pay you back $9.999.990 on jan 1st, 2013, plus interest, plus a bonus of $1.000 !!!! However, should the world indeed end, (in which case you win), I will pay you back $10.000.000 plus interest, plus again a bonus of $1000!. No hidden charges!

Anonymous said...

I think that the world wont end, but will mark the beginning of the end

Anonymous said...

the problem here is that the calender in fact does not end but simply starts over as the astrological cycle that it follows also starts over. We'll be the first human beings in a very long time to witness the passing of an age.

Anonymous said...

such a stupid idea...i mean not the bet, but the whole armageddon, end of world thing...

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeah, no. The world isn't going to end. Sorry, religious fanatics, but I guess this guy will be getting $10.

Anonymous said...

Woah...just last month I bet some friends $20 that the world would not end on 2012. Two people took me up on it. The others said that if it DID end, I would be unable to pay anyway. Funny how I Stumbled on someone doing what I had just done..

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to expand your apocalyptic list if you want more takers..

Perhaps broaden it up a destructive force affecting the earth ending with severe population decrease?

mngrif said...

"If the world does end on December 21st, 2021 (or the following business day), I will pay you $10,000,000 (ten million American dollars.)"

Double check your date and you might have a deal, "world ending" can take many forms, my good sir.

Anonymous said...

u need to add a zombie apocalypse to that list >.>

Anonymous said...

I don't think the world will end completely. I think it'll end as we know it, meaning it would completely change. The world actually ending would change the world, but that's a bit extreme, don't you think? I mean, people kept thinking everyone would drop dead on the sixth of June 2006, but whoever died on that day was going to die then anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, the strange thing is, according to this site( that the Mayan end date corresponds with an astronomical event that only happens once every ~5300 years. An interesting note, according to this site:, that the start of the long count is very near to the start of civilization.

I am, by no means, saying there is something to this prophesy, however, I am noting a suspiciously large amount of coincidences.
The Zeroth Code

Anonymous said...

yea how bout you suck my left nut for 10 million

HolyJuan said...

Dude, if you have an incomplete package, how am I supposed to suck on something that is not there?

Hows about you grow a pair first and then we can work out payment details.

Gawain said...

I will be unable to take you up on your bet as an apocalyptic scale disaster would most likely render my $10,000,000 of no value in most of the foreseeable scenarios. I would however like to point out that one very real event possibility is a polar reversal.
Also, does Jesus coming back fit in the category of Zombies. He is after all undead by most accounts.

Anonymous said...

What if the world ends on some other closely adjacent day, perhaps on the 17th of December? Is the bet predicated on an exact date or simply on proximity of timing.

Also, how does one decide that the world has "ended?" The Earth is a fairly big place and virtually any apocalypse aside from the planet being rent apart by a giant comet is bound to take some time.

Must the world have completely ended by the 21st or must the process simply have begun? If the world has begun to crumble on the appointed day but humankind has not yet been completely subsumed, do I win then or must I wait until human extinction is nearly complete?

I need details before I can commit to this.

Rach said...

Hi HolyJuan,

Congratulations on your new found wealth!

You will first need to deposit USD$5 gazillion dollars into my account in order for my bank to transfer the money to you. Email me for bank details.

Anonymous said...

The Mayan calender never actually ends. Not in 2012, not ever.

HolyJuan said...

Dude! You just won the $10,000,000!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the world ended for the Mayans quite some time ago.

Anonymous said...

You recognize, people each time make comments when anything is predicted to take place in 2012, like “obviously that is if the faction is subdue here.” You do achieve that the Mayans suggest the creation will end on Dec. 21 (or 23rd)? So in all good chance if anything is affluent to turn up in 2012 there is solitary the slimmest conceivability that the world will have ended already it happens.
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HolyJuan said...

I deleted another comment. Here it is:

calender ending =/= apocalypse (is the world gonna end when your current calender runs out? no. now shut up.)
there is no possibility now, or in the near future ("near" being on a geological timescale, so for a few millions years), of any solar storms, winds, flares, or any other star based events happening on a scale that would cause damage to us.
if you bring a book written by shepherds several thousand years ago into this, then things i scribbled on the back of my high school workbooks are admissible too.
shit tornado apocalypse would be so fucking worth it.
if you think a zombie apocalypse is likely (even assuming that zombies actually exist), you clearly do not understand why humans are currently top of the food chain and need to go back to school.
the moon isn't going to leave the earth's orbit any time soon. the fact that you even suggested it means it would be impossible to explain why it's not going to happen in simple enough language for you to understand.
same as above for the sun exploding or the earths core doing... pretty much anything.
Zeroth - those 2 sites you mentioned are utilising a complex technique called "lying". they have done this so much that they have even convinced themselves of the validity of their claims, but, thankfully, a few google searches will show up either a) the opposite of what they claim is true, or b) that they, and other sites like them, are the only ones claiming these things.
finally, way too many of you don't seem to understand that the specific terms of this bet are that it is to be paid AFTER the date. i fucking hate every person involved with any of these theories, but you are the people i hate the most.

Anonymous said...

A polar reversal which happens over MILLIONS of years, not one day, you mean? And for which we have no evidence of having been occurring recently (in te last few million years)? I'd say that "very real possibility" is not so real after all.