HolyJuan.com is not being sold!

I would like to squash any rumors about the sale of HolyJuan.com. In the past few weeks there have been leaks from several news sources that the site was going to be sold for anywhere between $15,000 to $50,000. I even read somewhere that the Marketing Logistics VP of Google called me to discuss a deal. I can tell you now without question that I may or may not have received a call from Google. Let me make this clear, there is NO TRUTH to the statement that it is possible that maybe or maybe not there was contact from Ralph Henry, VP of Internet Acquisitions at Microsoft as to the purchase or not, of HolyJuan.com. There is little or no or some truth in this half-truth, “The call with Yahoo that was not received did, in fact, never not happen during with the intent of sale or purchase, lie, of the web site holyjuan.com, false and such with maps.”

I’d like to let you all know that these are rumors and that HolyJuan would never sell out for less than $75,000.

Good day.


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