This Is My Suitcase’s “The Keys To Cat Heaven”

Once again I find myself reviewing music when I have no cognitive capacitance to do such things. Here I go:

I downloaded This Is My Suitcase’s “The Keys To Cat Heaven” and it pretty much rocks. I love this stuff. It is an extremely light album with no heavy bullshit. Interesting lyrics. Musically complex with simplistic instruments.

I’m sure they will kick my ass when I suggest that their music stylings are like bit like an angsty Tiny Tim meets a pre-pubescent Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s with a cat on a Möbius strip leash. Of course, I’ve seen the lead singer at a few shows and he isn’t going to kick anyone’s ass though the guitarist is a big dude and might pummel the likes of me for kicks.

All I know is that when I listen to the album it makes me happy. Dead fish and all.

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Unknown said...

I actually saw them life the first time I heard them. You know nothing about how awesome they are until you see them life. I told Joe (the vocalist and song writer) that this is how I discribe their music. "If rainbow was a drug they would be on it"

HolyJuan said...

Adrianne, I can appreciate that. I am hoping that they are playing with Margot when they are in town in March at Circus.

Anonymous said...

I saw them live the very first time i heard them too. I saw them at the play for blake concert . They were AHHHMAZING now im completely in love with their music . So is my best friend Aunna ! <3 i used to listen to bands like ColdSword and Left Breathing which are like super underground hardcore metal bands , but TIMS changed my whole taste in music !