God has determined that your life is worth $1,093.09 per day

In 1987, Oral Roberts announced that if he did not raise 8 million dollars by March 1st, 1987, god would “call him home” or die as you and I might phrase it.

Oral Roberts did indeed raise 8 million dollars. In fact, he raised 9.1 million dollars.

8, 325 days later, Oral Roberts was called home. For 9.1 million dollars, he was allowed to live an additional 22 years, 9 months and 14 days.

If you do the math, that makes it a cool $1,093.09 per day the he walked this Earth after the payment was negotiated. That also makes it $45.55 per hour (sans overtime) or $0.75 a minute or $0.012 per second.

Somehow this means that I owe god $15,802,802.00 for my time on Earth. I hope there is a payment plan in hell.

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