They didn’t get the joke

I recently got an e-mail from a startup blogger website requesting that I take the time to add a blogging term to their on-line blog reference guide or blogohpedia.

So I did. Here is my suggested word submission, “Weak-a-pedia”, for their on-line reference site:

I thought that I would not hear back anything from them or that I’d get a snide reply. Instead I got this:

And here it is on their site:

I don't think they got the joke.

I’m not advertising their site, but if you want to see a whole lot of very lame blog references, check them out here.


Anonymous said...

i dont get it.

just because they print it doesnt mean they dont get it.

how failed is it really when you link to them?

besides, its actually a good word you invented, although previously i considered 'conservapedia' to be my pointer to 'failed on-line reference guide'

maybe they dont get it. its an extremely unfunny site.

HolyJuan said...

Yeah, it's wretched.

I am going to apply to win some freaking award from their site.

I want to be a winner.