Vote for Nag on the Lake

Nag on the Lake (I assume that is her first and last name) is up for some award. I'd like you to vote for her.

Look down the list until you see Nag on the Lake and click the dot thingy next to her name.

She has suggested, though not actually said via word, thought or e-mail, that she will give me one official Canadian Blow Job if I can get her in first place. I assume that once elected, she will drive down here to deliver, all though now that I think about it, I'll probably have to drive up there as it is a Canadian BJ and not the typical USA BJ which usually included the exchange of money.

Does anyone know what a Canadian Blow Job is?



The Nag said...

The offer is still good. I'll blow off your spark plugs in typical Canadian fashion and start your sluggish American engine. Oh yeah!

tegulevi said...

its kinda like the whole canadian bacon actually just being ham. its basically a big let down.

prodigal said...

CBJ - Taking a whiz outdoors in winter!