Very Cute

just cute

Holy crap, that girl is cute. She's also an obnoxious bear... but cute.


Anonymous said...

Is she wearing that same hair piece Eric had on earlier this week?

(Sorry, that was not right.)

Anonymous said...

I think it was combed in the other direction..
God she is cute!

Rach said...

i want a daughter.

HolyJuan said...

I can rent you Ann for a small fee.

You fly over here on Friday and Saturday nights and we will allow you (for a small fee) to play with Ann for an hour or two and then if you choose (for a small fee) you can watch her sleep.

Meanwhile, the wife and I will go out and spend you money at the movies.

Per this agreement, you can eat whatever we have in the fridge and talk to your boyfriend on the phone (for a small fee.)