Fungus of crunchy tongue with delicious turning of flavor

After last week’s maggot cookie debacle, we were able to track down a product that combined fungal mystery with chocolate dippery. This week’s Erik Eats product is…

Dang. It’s got no name that we can decipher. Plan B is to flip the box over and check out the English Product Information sticker that covers over the actual ingredients with shit the FDA would approve:

Wheat Cracker? Oh well… not as fun as Every Burger, but it will have to do. Erik contemplated the packaging and remembers that last week I screwed him over an made him eat turd cookies.
mushroom cookie 016

He forges ahead...
mushroom cookie 018

Erik opens the box to reveal a single package.
mushroom cookie 019

Oh! The lid has a diagram with some writing.

Let’s contact our close friend and translator, Arata Isozaki.Here is what it says:


Erik tears into the package with savageness and love.
mushroom cookie 021

Wow! The cookie looks just like the illustrations on the outside of the package said it would!
mushroom cookie 022

Let’s find out how truthful the packaging really is. Here’s the box with a mushroom cookie.
mushroom cookie 029

Now Erik deftly cuts into one of the cookies.
mushroom cookie 033

A closer look!
mushroom cookie 036

Wow! An exact match! Unbelievable! I almost feel bad about making up the bra removal stuff!

Let’s get on to the tasting.
mushroom cookie 024

mushroom cookie 025

Go on!
mushroom cookie 026

It delicious! Sweet. A little salty. A very crunchy!

Great job Erik! Next week: Fecal Butter Chunks


Rach said...

It's yummy. You should try choco panda, if you can find it. =D

Sleepy Scott said...

Ah, the laxo-toadstool cookies.

Perhaps there was an urgent visit to the restroom later?

Dean Fearce said...

i like eating mushrooms, hahaha