Monks Disguise Themselves as Chinese Soldiers

This photo clearly shows the cleverness of the Tibetan Monks right after they disguised themselves as Chinese soldiers and infiltrated the Army's ranks. Note the two monks disguised as a cart and the skinny one disguised as a bike.

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Anonymous said... This is nuts...another false flag operation!
Free Tibet
Boycott the Olympics
Abolish the Fed

Anonymous said...

anonymous is right. You dirty, unholy slut juan. Aren't you ashamed of cropping this picture from and just making the caption otherway round. You can't distort the truth anymore. Everything is clear and world knows the truth. This world is going to Free Tibet! you moron wait and watch. truth and peace will prevail.

HolyJuan said...

Thanks! I was trying to find out who to credit the photo to.

And you've got to be kidding me that anyone would think that Monks would dress up as soldiers... and a cart... and a bike.


Anonymous said...

I heard Beijing paid the Dali Lama to take a dive in the 5th round. These monks are probably dressing up for the fight.

Unknown said...

HaHa! Doug, you're the idiot because you don't understand satire. Very good HolyJuan, especially "the skinny one disguised as a bike". Love it!

Unknown said...

Oh, and Anonymous, here's a bit of truth:

And peace.