Mister! Mister!!

For three years I traveled with science museum exhibit, performing demonstrations and assisting guests with the sports related interactive exhibits. A school group excitedly poured into the exhibit one morning and I was swamped with kids wanting to spin like a skater on the angular momentum machine. This requires a bit of attention to the child spinning and I was only able to help one person at a time.

One boy was very excited and from behind me yelled, “Mister! Mister! Look at this!”

I turned my head and replied, “Just a second while I finish with this guest!”

He continued, “Mister! Mister! Come here and look at this!”

I ever so tactfully replied over my shoulder, “Just a second please.”

He ramped up a decibel or two, “Misterrrrrrrrr! Look! Look!”

I stopped the spinning guest and turned to confront the rambunctious child when a teacher walked up to the boy and said, “What do you want to show me?” Her nametag read, “Miss Derr.”

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