Freckled Jen to the rescue for the Erik Eats segments

We've done two "Erik Eats" segments where our hero Erik eats foods from Japan. Every Burger and Gummy Choco.

We had pretty much utilized all the fun stuff at the Chinese grocery store and were going to move on to eels when Freckled Jen sent me this photo from the North Market.
Yum of delicious plenty and many

Looks like Erik's got a full menu to taste!!

As a bonus, here is a photo of Jen's sister Michelle at CD101 as their Guest DJ.
CD 101 Guest DJ Michelle


Anonymous said...

mmmmhmmm the things i would do to that

HolyJuan said...

Oh yeah buddy! All that Japanese candy? I'm with you there!

Sleepy Scott said...


Knowing that Erik's life will be in constant danger brightens my day.

Thank You, HolyJuan.

Anonymous said...

BlackBlack an Watering KissMint. Back home feeling not return. Yem!

When do we get Freckled Jen pictures? Is that creepy?