Gummy Choco of taste which smile contains withdrawn

We went to the Chinese Buffet today and ate and ate and ate. Afterwards, we went next door to the Asian Market to buy another product to test on our hero, Erik.

This week's find: Gummy Choco!

Somehow, Muscat worked it's way into the title. Muscat is either a type of grape or a rare form of deer droppings.

Upon opening the canister, we see what seems to be large rabbit droppings or small deer droppings.

Here are some deer droppings for comparison purposes:

Erik seems very interested at this point and uses a combination of yoga and yodeling to restrain his gag reflex.

Erik then fills his gaping maw with the seemingly chocolate lumps.

Let's take a moment to examine the interior of the Gummy Chocos.

Well well well. A sneaky, triple layered combination of tasty chocolate and mystery creme... The internet provided a detailed description of the interior components.

Sadly, only one ingredient showed any possibility of poisoning our hero:

Erik managed to choke down 32 - 33 of the yummy chunks of deer like feces before reverse swallowing them into a garbage container unit.

Great job Erik!

Next Week: Spicy, Sweet Ovary Lollipop


Anonymous said...

OMG...sweet deer urine!

Anonymous said...

Oh...but I loves me some glazing shellac!

Sleepy Scott said...

More Erik food testing! Yes!

StephDK said...

The Erik Taste Testing series are almost as good as the Greg & Dad series.

Thanks for the big laugh at the end of shiitey day!