Ly would shit a brick

Back in 1998, I lugged about a ton of river rock, two hundred pounds at a time, up to the Life exhibit. They were a scenic component that I laid out one stone at a time in the very serene, oval, solid wood floor entrance to the Life exhibit. I remember arguing with Ly that we should epoxy the rocks in place. She didn't think it was necessary. I was more concerned about people kicking or throwing them.

Over time, kicking has been an issue. Throwing has not.

Neither one of us ever saw this coming:

I'm glad we didn't glue the rocks down.


StephDK said...

ok, I'm lame... I don't see what the joke is

HolyJuan said...

Sorry for the inside story. Those rocks are decorative and meant to stay in the boarder surrounding the wood floor.

Seeing as this is in an interactive museum, we never would have thought that guests would use the decorative rocks as an interactive.

Shows you what we know.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this why there's supposed to be a team member in there at all times?