Once again, Greg came up with a great, off-season idea yesterday. He wanted to make lemonade. He seemed excited about the prospect so I told him that I would buy lemons at the store next time I was there.

I lied. I bought limes instead.

Erik and Becky came over last night with their kids and I had bought Corona. The store did not have individual limes, so I bought a whole bag because limeade is lemonade, but green.

Tonight, we cut two limes into quarters and squeezed them into a bowl. I added a teaspoon of Splenda, a few ounces of water and dumped the whole lot into a shaker filled with ice (great Christmas gift.)

Here is Greg's reaction:

Here is mine:

We added two more teaspoons of Splenda and re-mixed. It was delicious.

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Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how th limeaid tasted from the photo commentaries. Nice touch.