Hide a Dollar

Would you like to play a game? I call it, Hide a Dollar.

I’ve hidden a dollar in a very accessible place. I wrote www.holyjuan.com on it so that you would know that it is mine. I took a photo so it would be easier to locate.

Now, before I tell you where to look, I would like you to do the same. Take a dollar and write your name or screen name or stage name on it and then write www.holyjuan.com on it and hide it somewhere. Then take a picture of where it is hidden. Send the photo to me at holyjuan@gmail.com along with the general location of where it is at and I will post it for others to find. For example:

A coffee shop in Grandview Heights, OH.

If you find this dollar, let me know. A photo of the dollar would be awesome. A photo of you and the dollar would be awesomer. Bonus: finders keepers!

What are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

I should probably work , but this seems so much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Allen is right. You do look like Andy Richter. Maybe you could scam your way onto his new show as his kid brother.