HolyJuan at Skreened.com

I know that 50% of my fans (one of you) have been asking me about HolyJuan apparel. Until recently, the only clothing you could buy was a pair of boxers with the stain that roughly looked like toast.

Now, BEHOLD! You can find HolyJuan t-shirts at skreened.com. They are a Columbus t-shirt company and I hope to sell one shirt in the next six months.

So far I only have one design.

Let me know if you want something personalized. Jesus cartoon shirts are sure to be next.

Buy me.


Anonymous said...

That's a good first one. Are the other 9 on the front? Maybe you should do one on stupid people next.

Anonymous said...

you are just being stupid right?! Or you are stupid and don't get the joke.

HolyJuan said...

I'm sorry. The answer is C: He is stupid AND he doesn't get the joke.

And he sucks a Team Fortress.

Anonymous said...

can you make one that says jesus saves on the front and aluminum cans on the back?

HolyJuan said...

Someone's all ready kicked that cat.

StephDK said...

It seemed like just last week you were doing mat shots & hooking up with blow up dolls in the elevator. Now look at you! You have your very own blog & you're selling tshirts! Our lil rat boy is alls growned up :)

I'm totally getting one because you're my hero!

Anonymous said...

How about a shirt that says "Daddy is awesome" ??

- jenn

HolyJuan said...


You got it!