Miller Lite Masquerade

Dave was in town this weekend.  We had dinner at Barley's and then over to Char Bar for drinks.

While we were at Char Bar, a group of people came in with masquerade masks on.  After a while, Keegan couldn't take it anymore so he got up and asked one of the girls what was going on.  She said it was her birthday and dammit, she wanted to have a masquerade party.

So I decided to join it. I peeled two labels off two Miller Lite bottles.  In my wallet, I have a four leaf clover flattened between two taped together business cards.  I was able to peel some of the tape off.  Using Swiss Army Knife scissors, I cut holes in the wrappers and cut around the edges to make them mask like.

I went over to the girls expecting that they would be pissed.  The birthday girl was ECSTATIC!   They even let me take a photo with them.

Happy Birthday Masquerade Girl!  (She's the one directly to my right.)

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