The Insert Key Returns

Many of you may know that I do not like the INSERT key. When I get to a new job, I remove it. When I get ready to leave that job, I replace it.

So here is my keyboard now:

I am leaving my current job and taking on another.

I want you to all be aware that this may affect the frequency of "Erik Eats" segments. Right now I average about 23 Erik Eats segments a week (most go unpublished) and I will try to keep that number around 15 per week. This means that my son Greg will not be able to play any winter sports, but my readers are far more important than my children.

I did find one positive thing about cleaning off my desk. It makes for a very nice napping spot.

I'll let you know how things turn out. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I wish you luck and happiness and someone named Erik that will eat anything...

NanU said...

guess I haven't been following long enough. Why is it necessary to actually remove the key? Isn't refraining from its use enough? My Insert key is lonely and sad there in its corner, envious perhaps of its popular neighbors, but it does not drive me insane.

Capt. Schmoe said...

The keyboard is no longer holey, Juan

HolyJuan said...

Him NanU,

Check out the original post here. The abbreviated version is that I have fat fingers.

Ross said...

Good luck with the new endeavor!

P.S. I do the same with the F1 key. It's very easy to go in most programs to the toolbar and open up help - what I DON'T want is one of the microsoft behemoths opening up its massive, 40-second-memory-hogging help file when I meant to push F2.

NanU said...

Aha... my french azerty keyboard also has that key isolated way at the top where it doesn't get into such trouble.

Gracey Castro said...

I find napping on my desk with all the stuff on there makes it much more comfy. I would add a pic to prove it but there is no attachment ability. Just trust me on that one.

Much luck to you and the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Were you laid off? Were you told you leave because you suck? Were you fired with cause? Did the union fail to protect your lazy ass? Or did you actually find something better?

Inquiring minds want to know.

HolyJuan said...

I was not laid off.
I did not get fired.
I am not involved in a lawsuit.
I did not harass. (Correction-did not get caught.)
I am lazy, but not for that either.

I had another opportunity and found myself in a position to take it.

That is all.