Years ago, Taco Bell ran a series of commercials in which two guys would say "Zesty!" back and forth to each other in various, different inflections. There were only two people on Earth (besides the two actors this ad employed) that enjoyed these commercials.

Those two people were Dave and me.

With the advent of YouTube, we thought that someday we'd be able to watch these videos at our leisure. But since we are the only two people who liked the commercials, no one has bothered to post them.

And so we wait.

But until then, whenever someone in a conversation says the word "zesty," I immediately step all over the rest of their sentence, jump in and say "ZESTY!!"

Dave sent me this photo because he, too, waits.

If you have seen the video on-line, please let us know.


NanU said...

Sometimes it's a shame there's no Taco Hell for a thousand kilometers around.

HolyJuan said...

Isn't a kilometer something like three feet?

ncreb said...


Anonymous said...


HolyJuan said...

Thor bless you anonymous person.