You Are Starting to Piss Me Off Home Depot

I hate the visceral feeling of regret you get when something starts going downhill and you can either ride the out of control wagon to the bitter end or jump out and climb back up the hill looking for a smoother ride.

I stayed on the wagon. I'm still heading downhill.

Miss Sally and I want an new sliding glass door. We went to our stand-by, Lowes, but they had a poor display and not much help with doors. We went to Home Depot and they had a much better layout and a desk with a very helpful dude. We picked what door we wanted and scheduled to have our existing door measured.

The customer service up to this point was great. We got a call that they installers would be out to measure and we got a call when they were done. In the second call, we were given a bit of bad news. Our existing opening was one inch too large for the door we picked. The woman said that instead of the $650 we picked out that there was an $1150 door in stock that would fit our opening. When I started to balk about the difference in price, she said something to the effect of, "Well, we've got a $350 door. You want that one?" I said I would have to come in and make a decision.

A few days later had me at Home Depot again and the door person was at lunch. The substitute person looked up my account and said that he could not help me and asked if I wanted to wait. I did not and left.

I got another call from Home Depot asking me if I had made a decision about my door. I said that we still liked out first door and wondered what a custom door one inch larger would cost. She looked it up and said $1300. Once I finish shitting my pants, I told her that was out and that I'd need to discuss the door with my wife.

During work this week, I mentioned the door to Erik and he said, "Why can't they just shim the door in 1/2" on each side? Those doors never fit perfectly in the openings." I told Erik he was very smart and planned to go in on Saturday.

Today I decided to be sneaky and headed over to another Home Depot. Just like the first store, the sales person was very helpful. I asked about my model of door and if it could be shimmed in on either side. He said yes, no problem. When he tried to pull my account up, he came up blank. It turns out that the installers are local to each store and they other Home Depot could not fulfill my order. I said thanks to the sales person and armed with this shimming knowledge I went back to the original Home Depot.

At the store, sales person pulls up my order. I ask about shimming. He leave for ten minutes and comes back to say that he can't help me on a Saturday and that I will need to come back Monday when the installers are available.

Fucking fine.

I left.

Here is my beef: When Home Depot called me originally to tell me about my measurement, they should have just said that they would have to shim it in. Instead she tried to get me to buy something $500 more expensive. I also can't see why they do not have someone around on the weekends who might have a clue about installations.

Now you might be asking, "Why haven't you jumped off the wagon?"

Because of $30. The measurement cost $30 and it is taken off of the final cost if you do go through with the installation. Now all of you that know me know where my dollar limit is and can manipulate me as such.

I'll let you know how things go AFTER Monday when they have someone in that can help.


Anonymous said...

Why would you support a big corporation like that? What about the mom and pops shops that form a large part of the economy, and are hurting because of the downturn?

Shame on you.

HolyJuan said...

You are right! I'm canceling my order and finding a local small business to install my sliding glass door.

As a matter of fact. I'm going to build the door myself using parts from the existing door.

Shit, I'm going to start my own small business.

Thanks friend.

Conny said...

you realize that the installation company is going to charge you $500 for the extra time and labor it will take to shim the door? you're hosed either way.

Gracey Castro said...


TinzleyCare said...

Hi I'm Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care Team.I'm sorry about your troubles. I've sent you an email requesting more information so we can help resolve this for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta GA 30339

Anonymous said...


Being a greedy capitalist, I went to Home Depot recently to buy some Home Depot stock, and it seemed you were out of stock. Being that your company produces the stock that should be in stock, I have concluded this is a grand conspiracy to deny me the stock, because of my sexual orientation.

I hereby notify you of my intention to file a sexual discrimination lawsuit, because you refused to judge me by the content of my character.