Double Coffee

We make our own coffee at work. We are not allowed to have coffee makers because many of us are too stupid to pull the 1/4 full pot off the warmer and smoke detectors end up going off at 2:00am. So instead, we use a single cup maker machine or we use the Lady Johnson* (single filter) w/ hot water method.

Lady Johnson with cup underneath.

We use this to heat the water. Love it.

Today I decided that I wanted a good stiff cup of coffee. Usually, I would double the amount of coffee that I put in the filter, but I thought I would try something different. Today I went for double coffee.

Here were my tools:

Coffee. Large cup from Video conference. Two filters. Two Lady Johnsons*.

Because regular coffee making has been banned, we have a shit ton of regular filters leftover from days of yore. You can cram a regular sized filter in a Lady Johnson, but it does not fit very well.

So I fold it in quarters and it fits perfectly.
Fold once...

Fold twice.

This fit is very nice.

I folded up two filters, filled them with coffee and then stacked them.

As you can see, this does not look very stable. Luckily, I had the coffee can and some post-its from the local CBS affiliate to add support.

And then I added the hot water and voilĂ  !

The final product was delicious. It seemed stronger than just doubling the grounds. I might have to try this again!

*We call this device the "Lady Johnson" because years ago there used to be a product with the same name. It was a funnel that was shaped to fit a woman's pee-pee area place and could be used during camping so the woman would not need to squat to pee. I cannot find the Lady Johnson anywhere on the internet, but you can sometime find it under the name "Camper's Friend."


Jenn said...

you need a keurig machine...they are idiot proof

Ms Co-Dependent said...

I lol'ed.

John said...

Just so you don't have to search anymore

greengeekgirl said...

Holy crap, I cannot stop laughing. I think you are a government conspiracy to make me forget my liberal left-wing agenda by plying me with fun stories.